Friday, May 30, 2014

Teacher Gifts: Clipboards and Personalized Stationary

Recently I showed you the clipboards I made for teacher gifts last year.  Now that school's over, I wanted to share what this year's batch looked like!  These truly are an inexpensive teacher gift, which is also easy to make!

I did two styles: colorful and neutral:

For both, I used the same black stickers for initials that I used last year.

This year's batch had a washi tape detail, which I loved!

I will say one thing: I hate the glue product with the initials M.P.!  I tried sealing these once I had glued my scrapbook paper on, and they bubbled (last year they didn't, go figure).  Anyway, so I glued them on but did not seal them and they look fine.  They might not be quite as durable but that's okay.

I also had two teachers who received clipboards last year, so they received something different: stationary I whipped up using my Silhouette machine.  These were easy to make but I think a sweet gift.

I want to encourage you that you could do a similar project even without a Silhouette.  You could make really cute stationary just using Microsoft Paint and clipart!  Print on cardstock, cut to size, and you're done!

For the packaging, we put them in plain white lunch bags, which doubled as the "card" from my son.  Woot for creative packaging!

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