Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Baby is a Jedi: a Star Wars Birthday Party

Biggest turned seven years old on Sunday {wipes tears away}.

That's just too big.  I don't know how to handle it.  Of course I went all crafty for his Star Wars party, because that's what he asked for and I love doing it for him.  I'm all choked up, so look at some pics while I compose myself, will ya?

Star Wars Banner made with my Silhouette and a black plastic tablecloth.

Yoda Soda = Lime Sherbet + Sprite

No I did not make this cake.  In my dreams.  Actually, no, I will leave the baking to others.
Yes, I did make these wonky cupcakes.
Our party games were designed to turn these ragamuffins into Jedi's.  First they had to go through the laser field:

Second, they had to play a little game I got at Party City where you throw disks into a Star Wars box I hung up. No great pics of this one.

Finally, they had to use the Force to turn on the Death Star's lights with their minds.  Thanks so much to Kara at Kara's Creative Place for this idea (she did it with a fireplace...we accomplished ours with a remote-controlled Christmas light plug and some serious stealth).

After accomplishing all three tasks the new Jedi's received their certificates (as well as light sabers) in a *very* formal ceremony.  I used this one from The Star Wars Mom:

My baby had a fun 7th birthday; meanwhile I am still in denial that he's this big.  Tune in tomorrow for Pinspiration Thursday and find out which of these projects started out as a pin!


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