Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday! New Feature and a Cute How To

Did you think that said Perspiration Thursday?  Just for a second?  Ha!  Gotcha!  Actually, maybe it should be called Perspiration Thursday, since this is my new feature where I actually get off my rear and DO something I've pinned!  It's about time, Michelle. By the way, you can follow me on Pinterest here.  I have crafty boards, stuff for kids, and of course some bling.  You name it, I got it.

So, to kick off my very first Pinspiration Thursday, I bring you:

I got the idea from this crafty pin:

How to Make a Custom Thanksgiving Journal | Life as MOM - simple and easy gift to give or tradition to start. Record your blessings for posterity.

I made it my own by using tiny composition books I found at Walmart.  They are sold in a 3-pack for less than $3, in the office supplies aisle.  They are perfect for purses, and for that reason I thought of them for stocking stuffers and small gifts for friends or teachers for Christmas.  However, they would also be a great gift anytime!

So, without further ado, here's the How-To:

Step 1: Add a Bookmark

Simply glue a length of tiny grosgrain ribbon in-between the back cover and the last page of the notepad.  I used superglue and it worked like a charm.

Step 2: Cut Scrapbook Paper to Size

Step 3: Use Spray Adhesive to Glue to Notepad

Although it requires you to work outside, I strongly recommend spray adhesive rather than Mod Podge.  It won't bubble; enough said.  I have noticed my edges peeling up already after just a few weeks bumping around in my purse, so you may want to go heavy on the edges for yours.

Step 4: Trim Your Corners:

Or, cut your paper to fit the curved corners when you begin, and then you can skip this step, whichever you prefer.

Step 5 (optional): Add Decorative Elements:

I added this little label (it says "musings") which I designed and cut with my Silhouette.

This project took me no more than about an hour and a half, even though I made multiples.  Quick, easy and adorable--how's THAT for a gift idea???

So what do you think of Pinspiration Thursday?  What kinds of Pins should I try out next?

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  1. So simple, but much better and more special than a store bought journal. Thanks for linking up!


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