Tuesday, January 21, 2014

House Progress

It's slow, but it's happening:

I've chosen a paint color for our Master Bedroom (Silver Strand by Sherwin-Williams):

Can you see the swatch of it there by the window?
I'm playing around with paint colors in the Family Room:

Must. Paint. Over. Yellow.
I hung curtains in Big Boy's room:

And am coming for LB's room next:

We hung a gently used light fixture in the breakfast area (thank goodness, and thanks Mom for donating your light fixture!):

Cannot wait to paint this room!
And I gathered every can of white paint the previous owners left us:

And turned them into a method for identifying the different paints around the house:

Phew!  I've been really inspired by the Nester lately...this post in particular, but a lot of what she has written since their move.  I'm going to follow her lead and show you more progress around here, since dramatic "before and after" shots take so stinkin' long.  So, see you soon!


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