Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 3

Hey friends!

So this week's Pinspiration Thursday is all about ovens, specifically cleaning 'em and making stuff in 'em. Mine had apparently *never* been cleaned by the previous owners of my house, so we recently ran the self-cleaning cycle for the first time, but we were left with the problem of dirty, disgusting oven racks.  Enter this pin:

Easy way to clean oven racks
Photo: One Good Thing by Jillee
It promised an almost effortless way to clean our oven racks, using the bathtub and dryer sheets.  Well sure, why wouldn't I try that???  So I did, to...hmmm...mixed success.

Here's the Before:

And here's the After:

As you can see, it got the racks brighter, but it certainly didn't clean them up entirely.  And it required quite a bit of rubbing and scrubbing on my part to get even this moderate improvement.  Also, doing this put marks in my bathtub that scared the doo doo out of me until I got them out with some serious elbow grease. Admittedly, my racks were filthy.  Anyone have any other ideas for me, or is it back to Pinterest?

Moving on...

We did make this deliciousness this week, in our moderately clean oven.  The original Pin:

Baked Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken-heat oven 500- 4 bone/skinless chicken breast- 4 minced garlic cloves-3 tsp olive oil- 4 tbs brown sugar- lightly grease casserole dish put in chicken, saute' garlic and olive oil until tender remove from heat stir in brown sugar. Poor on top of chicken. If like Salt pepper to taste. Bake uncovered 15-30 minutes or until chicken is done
Anyone know the original source?
And my version:

It was yums.  We also made this one this week, but I am a stinky blogger failed to take a picture of ours. We did love it though!  Try it with rotisserie chicken--yum.

layered mexican fiesta bake
Photo: Sweetly Fit
You can get the recipes by clicking the pictures above or visiting my Eat Healthy! board.  It's all part of trying to cut out the pre-prepared, chemical laden junk from my family's diet.  See you next week for more Pinspiration!


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