Thursday, October 25, 2012

Belgium 2012

I've been back for about two weeks and my, how time flies!  Before time completely escapes me, I wanted to pop in and share the highlights of my trip to Antwerp.

View from the plane as we landed...
the sun is rising over Belgium to a beautiful foggy morning.

We went to buy diamonds, which is almost a vacation in and of itself!

That's me in one of our vendor's offices.

And hard at work!
I was so in love with these colored diamonds this year, wished I could bring some home!

Yellow cushion-cuts.  I would LOVE to see these as earrings.
And checking out princess-cut parcels:

BUT it isn't all hard work...we did get some sightseeing in!  Tomorrow I will come back and show you some of the beautiful sights in Ghent and Amsterdam.  And I will also be doing a post on shopping in Antwerp, which I know will be entertaining for some of you shoppy souls out there.  Last year I took you on a culinary tour of everything I ate.  This year my pictures were just so lacking...I think because everything I ate looked like this:

See ya tomorrow!


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