Friday, October 26, 2012

Belgium 2012: Sights!

So this year we got out for excursions to Ghent and Amsterdam.  Ready, steady, go!

Cute plaza.  So glad I took this picture because it was a key clue in our 2-hour search to find it again.  Funny story, being lost in Ghent.  In retrospect, that is.

Restored castle.

And inside the keep.

My thighs actually hurt after this tour.  

Me at the top, sans bow and arrow.

And the view from up there.  Love it!

Yep, we actually got our picture with the very nice Dutch knight.  Tourist much?

Amsterdam tulips for sale at the flower market.

If it's pretty, I take a picture.

Statue of Anne Frank, near her house.  We toured it this year and it was an amazing experience.

Again with the pretty.

Me and Meems.

I *think* this was Amsterdam but it might have been Ghent.  If you know, tell me!
So, that's it for sightseeing, tomorrow I will show you what fun we got up to in Antwerp.  See ya!


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