Saturday, October 27, 2012

Belgium 2012: Antwerp

Photo: Elle Decor
I could live in Antwerp and would never get tired of it.  It is such a great mix of old and new.


Perhaps the greatest glove store in the world: Huis A. Boon.

The courtyard at Museum Plantin-Moretus.

The museum houses the two oldest surviving printing presses in the world.


Scene from Flamant, the Belgian equivalent of Restoration.
Possibly more affordable, although that exchange rate plays tricks on me.  Definitely just as awesome.

More Flamant.

New rose at the old museum courtyard.  See what I am doing there...the new within the old???  (Crickets chirping.)  Okay, I'm a dork.  Sorry.

Chocolate sculpture at The Chocolate Line.
As always, wish I took more (and better!) pictures!  Thanks for coming along with me though!


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