Friday, September 21, 2012

Cuz Everyday I'm Shufflin (New Office Reveal!)

Y'all know me, always shufflin' my rooms all around.  The latest project was to move the: 

Playroom to the Guestroom
Office to the Playroom
Craft Stuff to the "Office" (a desk in a hallway)

My poor guests now have to share their space with a thousand Hotwheels.  Such is life.  So, can I show off my new office a bit?

A Room of My Own!

Where I work.
I love mixing up textures like my linen pinboard with sparkly letters, and of course those peacock feathers.
Desk lamp, Hobby Lobby.  Pinboard, DIY linen with upholstery tacks.  Desk chair, Walmart.  Feather wreath, Pier 1.
I keep three notebooks handy: one for work, one for homeschooling stuff, and one to sparkle:

My shelving:

Constantly working on staging.  Who wants to come help?
Shelving, Ikea.  Vintage soda crate and orange crate up top, thrifted.  File baskets, Ballard Designs.  
The larger shelf on the left.
LOTS of storage for work stuff, shipping supplies, craft supplies, and kids' stuff.
Speaking of kids' stuff, this is where my boys work, on the right-hand wall of my office:

Yes, indeedy.  We are homeschooling two days a week (through THIS fabulous school).
Needing a place to homeschool is how I justified this whole project to the Hubs.  Holla!
The table is an interior core door which I stained pale gray and glazed.  The table legs, desk chairs, shelving, task lights...all Ikea.

A closer look at my framed printable:

The new slogan for obedience in my house.  It came from some brilliant woman at my church.

I added labels to my organizer so I could stop repeatedly pulling out the wrong drawers.  This would go into the category of Silhouette projects that I just love.

Yay for colors!
I really wanted my boys to feel happy in this space...wanted it to be colorful for them, but still be able to blend with the other motifs I wanted in an office...industrial, chic, a bit sparkly.  Oh!  Speaking of sparkle, check out my most favorite upgrade to the whole room:

Originally $189.  I got it for $45 during the Lowe's lighting clearance.  It was the floor model, so it did not come with a manual.  Bless my dear, sweet husband.
Another subtle thing I am doing to add some shine?  Upgrading my Ikea shelving with a vintage mirror treatment on the glass shelves using this technique from Anna at Take the Side Street.  Krylon Looking Glass paint is pricey, so this is a gradual upgrade, but I totally love it.

Still on the wishlist: linen curtains.  I'm thinking I will have to pick up some linen in Belgium, where I am going in just TWO WEEKS.  I'm just so blessed to be going back on another diamond-buying trip.  For all the latest on THOSE shenanigans, you can always hop on over to my Facebook page and follow me there.

In the meantime, I will be here shufflin!



  1. Your shelves are pretty nice. The entire office space is perhaps one of the best office accommodation that a worker can stay in because of it organised and convenient.

  2. Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your makeover! Everything about it is absolutely fantastic. I've featured this post in my Home Office Makeovers Round-Up - check it out here: Thank you! :)

    1. Thank you Erica! Checking it out right now:)


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