Friday, July 1, 2011

Big News, Peeps

Remember how, something like four weeks ago, I very rudely hinted at "big things" going on around here, and then I dropped off the face of the planet and you were all like, "Oh, that's what she was up to!  Dropping off the face of the planet!"

Well, I came back and now I can share my big news!  So, without further ado...I present my latest venture:

Yep, I am joining my Mother-in-Law in the jewelry business!  I can still stay at home with my boys while I also enjoy the benefits of working part-time and contributing to the family finances.  It's a win-win, with the added bonus of getting to work with diamonds and fine jewelry.  So, if you're in the market for any type of fine jewelry and would like some guidance, I hope you'll think of me!

You can also like me on Facebook and you'll stay up-to-date on what's in stock, specials I am running, and pre-orders for my next diamond-buying trip to  Antwerp.

My new business has already affected the frequency I can post here at That Mommy Blog, but I promise I will be back with crafty projects, cute kid stuff, and crazy rants as time permits.  Thanks for hangin' with me, dear peeps. And wish me luck!



  1. Good luck Shell! I know this will be a fun and rewarding path for you!


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