Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Why I Love Saladino

Did you catch the cover story in the July/August issue of Veranda?

It features a Palm Springs house designed by John Saladino, and I do believe it has rekindled my love affair with his work.  I first fell in love with him in high school when I saw this article in the May, 1995 issue of House Beautiful:

The Great Room is uh...great.  

The Dining Room.
I continue to dream of a circular pedestal table with armchairs.  It's been sixteen years.

That's right, I subscribed to House Beautiful in high school.  So what?  It doesn't make me a massive nerd, it just makes me...okay, I am a massive nerd.  Let me show you more of why I love John Saladino.

1) He is the king of romantic luxury.
Photo: Veranda
2) He effortlessly mixes contemporary and rustic elements.
Photo: Veranda
3) I want to eat dinner at his house.
Photo: Veranda
4) He designs every surface to perfection.
Photo: Village Properties
5) He invented scratch-coat plaster.
Photo: Veranda
6) He can design a room with a thousand layers, without it ever appearing busy or unrefined.
Photo: Village Properties
7) He doesn't just make outdoor rooms, he knows how to make an outdoor space.  
Photo: Village Properties
Do you love Saladino too?  You're in luck!  If you have just $24,500,000 to spare you can still purchase his villa! Just please invite me to dinner!!!



  1. I'm moving in. Don't care which room. Any of them. (and not a Fisher Price or Disney logo in sight.........)


  2. Seriously, you subscribed to House Beautiful in high school?! I may have been getting Sassy or Seventeen at that point. Yet another fun fact about my super sophisticated friend!


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