Thursday, July 14, 2011

And More Big News!

Ladies, I am blue.  I don't have any time to blog!  I don't post, and I don't read blogs, and it makes me down in the dumps.  But, I have a legitimate excuse.  In addition to me starting a business, we are also moving!  My husband accepted a job in another city.  Our house went on the market this week.  We are changing towns, homes, schools, gyms, doctors...everything!

And man, is it a lot of work to even contemplate moving with two little kids!  It was hard to get our house ready to be listed...and ready for pictures...and it is hard to keep it that way.  I have learned, however, that it is faster and easier to clean the joint up now that half my stuff is in boxes in the garage!  The real test will be what I bring back out in our new home.

Until then, I am working on selling our house.  That, and praying for a quick sale!

The Family Room I *just* painted.
That's right--three years of hating the color followed by three months of loving it!
Our updated kitchen.
The Master Bedroom--don't think I have ever showed you this room!
Our view of the golf course.
Our deck!
We're asking $244,500...2,400 square feet, four bedrooms, golf course lot with woods to one side.  So, do I have any takers?  So far the hordes of buyers haven't been beating down the door, so say a prayer for us!


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  1. Praying for y'all!!! As you know we made the move 2 years ago and it's tough. But you can do it!!!!


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