Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Pretty much every day I have to laugh out loud at something one of my boys says.  Usually it is some confused phrase that only loosely mimics English, or just something a grown up would never ever say.  This week's highlights:

As we're getting buckled into the car, my 4-year-old keeps asking me some gibberish from the backseat.  After about thirty thousand iterations of me asking "What?!" and him saying "What's a Chester's Taint?"  I realize he is actually asking "What is a chest restraint?"

Littlest has a counting book.  By now we've read it so much that I just say the number, and he fills in the rest.  I say, "One..." and he goes, "cute tiger cub!"  And so on.  I die laughing every time we get to the page with seven penguins and I say "Seven..." and he says, "Pengins of Mad-gas-car!"  I promise he's never even seen the movie!

And one of my favorites from my precocious big boy.  When when I showed him my new chair and asked him what he thought he said, "Mommy, I think it looks splendid!  Just splendid!"  Sweet thing.


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