Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bringin' Home the Gold

I don't know if its my love for Swedish design, or what really...but I love painting furniture.  I love doing it and I love the results.  Latest case in point: this boring consignment-store chair:

I picked it up a couple months ago for $30.  Not bad, but I only paid that much because it is super sturdy and has great carved details.

And it was being eyeballed by a woman who told me if I didn't snatch it up, she was going to!  I had this internal dialog where I told her, "Step back, chica, cuz that aint happenin'."  Then I got a hold of myself and bought the chair.

First thing I did was cut off the fabric to reveal a nice, clean foam pad--good stuff.  Then, as with all my projects, I spent like two months deciding what to do next.  I had seen these chairs at an Antiques show:

And fell in love with the gold and burlap combo.  I ended up going gold, but not quite so much...and am thrilled with the outcome.  Remember that before picture?  Well, here it is now!

After priming with BIN Zinsser primer (no sanding required!), I painted it the same color as my closet dresser--Valspar's Autumn Fog.  Then I painted the gold details (FolkArt Metallic Pure Gold acrylic paint) and distressed the almighty out of it.  Some shots of the details:

And of course I covered the seat with burlap.  I like to imagine this chair has fallen from great heights in aristocratic society all the way down into my humble home.

Can you be in true love with a piece of furniture?  If so, I'm totally there.


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  1. What kind of gold paint do you use? It looks great!


  2. stunning!!!! that gold is so magically beautiful! i love the rustic burlap with the glamorous gold!

  3. Great makeover! The inspiration photo is truly inspiring, and your gold touches make your chair super special. Thanks for linking up to the Burlap Month party at WhisperWood Cottage!


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