Monday, April 25, 2011

Missed You!

Did ya miss me too;)???

I had every intention of leaving an "away" notice on the blog, but we lost power on our last afternoon here and I was without my computer.  Then I sorta forgot to keep up with the blog...and can you blame me?

I was waaaaay busy with urgent matters like walks on the beach.

Had things to do and people to see all over town.

Had to be on time for my playdates in the park.

Couldn't miss my meetings with the "natives," either.

Worked hard designing my Spring Collection.

And even carved out some QT with my cu-tie.

So, that's where I've been...and it was awesome.  In the words of Biggest Boy, "Spring Break sure is fun!"  Then we got to come home and celebrate His resurrection at Meck...which was also (do I use this word too much?) totally awesome.

Hope you've had an awesome week too!



  1. looks like fun! we all need time to recharge our batteries and beaches and fountains are just the right solution.
    (and I really really want the front door of that pretty hotel you stayed at, that has curb appeal in spades)

  2. Looks gorgeous, and I'm thinking your spring break was a lot sunnier than mine here in Canada. Definitely jealous of all that nice weather.


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