Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cool Man Cave Decor

Want to hear something sweet?

I know you're thinking, "what sweet thing could possibly have anything to do with Bacardi?"
No, it's not a Long Island Iced Tea.

I have a friend who wanted to surprise her husband for his birthday.  They had decided to transform their bonus room into his space, and she wanted to do something special for him.  He already knew about the new pool table, but he got a HUGE surprise when he saw that she'd hung all his autographed NASCAR photos, his favorite album covers, and his HUGE collection of bar mirrors on the walls of his new Cave.

The things she'd never allow anywhere else in their home finally got dusted off and placed with care upon his walls.  How sweet, right?

So I came over to help her decide how to arrange things, and when I saw his collection of bar mirrors I knew I would be sharing with you.  Check out this room before:

The layout is typical of a bonus room, with little nooks and low, angled walls.  Eventually they'll get a flat-screen TV, but in the meantime they pulled out the couches and put in the pool table.  And we turned one of those low walls into a showcase for his collection:

I wasn't taking great bloggy pictures, so it's hard to tell there's a table and lamp on the right-hand side.
That's where Michael Jordan's face is resting.  Well, his book, actually, but also his face.

I absolutely love what this did for the room.  It gave it a focal point, made use of awkward wall space, and celebrated something he's had fun collecting over the years.  Plus, it is cool.

So, if you have "like" objects scattered around or stuffed into closets, think about how they might be arranged to showcase their similarities and make a statement.  I am getting ready to find every black frame in my house and do it too!  Unfortunately I was so in love with the mirrors I forgot to take pictures of the other things we hung up...but don't those mirrors totally rock?!?

Oh--and while I was over there I also put some vinyl on the wall (because, as you know, I am obsessed).  Here's what you see in the stairwell leading up to his Man Cave:

Fun stuff!



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