Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar and Spice

Is that what little girls are made of?  I wouldn't know, since I spend all my time around Snakes and Snails and Puppy-Dog Tails.  That's just one reason why I relish the chance to visit my BFF and her sweet girls!  Especially when one of those girls is just ten days old, and ohhhh so sweet!!!

She's done such cute things with her girl's rooms:

Would gladly use this to hop into bed every night!
Especially if I also had a tulle bedskirt!

Letters customized with scrapbook paper, and aren't they cute!?!  
I've got 'em for my boys, too...I'll do a tutorial for y'all sometime if you like.

And while I was there, I gave her this vinyl wall-art for the new baby's nursery:

I love this verse and love how it turned out.

You may remember that I've had some trouble with my fickle friend (the Silhouette), but Silhouette America's customer service is *awesome,* and my problems seem to be all better.  Chalk it up to a defective roll of vinyl, which Silhouette replaced for free.

I was so happy at how this project turned out that I came right home and added some oomph to one of my own walls:

Like it?  Or is it way cheesy?  I think it's cheesy and I like it!



  1. I love it Shell! I want to do a verse for my kids' rooms and have been pondering it (it is on the to do list that never gets reached!) so you have inspired me!

  2. I LOVE the James 1:17 decal! We just ordered one (Psalm 121) from dalidecals. Can't wait to put it up and share it with our Blessed Little One to come. :)

  3. The decal is beautiful and that verse is so special. What a wonderful friend you are to share your talents so generously! I love the one you put over your boys' picture too.....great, NOT cheesy!

  4. I love it! PLEASE do a tutorial on the scrapbook letters. :)

  5. I do love it. It is perfect for the house in my brain, the house that my 2 crazy boys, husband, and cat have not already destroyed with their messy messy DNA. It must be a DNA thing, right? to make chaos where mommy had peace and Elle Decor-worthy decor just mere moments ago?
    Something to asprire to! :)


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