Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Isn't it so cute when your preschooler is trying to pronounce something and it comes out all funny?  Biggest is real into doing mazes, but I can't get him to say the word right.  He always calls them a-mazes.  As in, "That was a really fun a-maze, Mommy.  Can we do a a-maze later too?"

He is also convinced that bubble wrap is actually called "bubble wrack."  He actually gets mad when we call it by its proper name, and insists it is "wrack."  I have a vision of our family all calling it bubble wrack someday, due to his stubbornness commitment to his pronunciation.

Just last night I was explaining what Lightning McQueen's race official does, and he goes, "Okay, okay, so this guy here is the artificial.  He's the artificial and he decides who wins!"  Cracked me up.  Earlier yesterday we were pretending to be pirates and he repeatedly shouted the phrase, "Shimber me tinders!  Shimber me tinders!"   I think he's got that one right, at least.  The artificial says so.



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