Monday, February 28, 2011

Eclectic Nature-Inspired Mantel

I have been seeing some great Spring-inspired decor out here in bloggy-land lately, and I gotta say I am ready for Spring too.  Just haven't *quite* gotten there with my decor yet.  I've been enjoying my late-Winter mantel since I took down my solitary Valentine's Day decoration.  Care to take a peek?

So I was given a whole mess of pheasant feathers by my dear sweet friend Astor, whose husband goes hunting on an annual trip out West.  I've so admired her use of the feathers in floral arrangements, and I wanted to give it a shot too.  What do you think?

The feathers star in my zinc planter.
I love the wildness of it...makes me feel ready to be outside!

Feathers have such intrinsic beauty that they're great all by themselves.  Beautiful patterns and colors--what's not to like?

They inspired me to celebrate natural textures and patterns in this mantel, as in the zebra stripes in my photo there, and the really rough, weathered wood of the frame I put it in.  But I also really like the bit of shine in the lantern, and the sparkle of the glass up there as well.  Am I just unable to stick to a theme?  I don't know, I just like mixin' and matchin' I guess!

I used more feathers in my other vignettes around the family room--Astor, you were so generous to give me so many!  I tried to replicate the "feel" of the mantel (nature-inspired eclectic? point-and-shoot safari?) but added some blue accents in these other areas.

Sweet little feathers in a burlap nest.

I *love* decorating with books--even with their covers on!

So, how long it lasts is always an open question with That Mommy on the prowl.  I'll probably simplify for Spring, but enjoying the richness of it for now.  How about you?  Have you moved on to Spring yet?



  1. You are so gifted at decorating! My definition of decorating is straightening the books out on the bookshelf and removing the crayons, paint, legos and random toys from the hard to reach places :)

    Julie W

  2. You are very creative! Very eclectic decorations!

  3. You are the "queen of mantles!" The mix of textures
    is just beautiful and brings everything to life...
    including the colors on the feathers themselves. Love it!

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments you lovely peeps you!


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