Saturday, February 26, 2011

Introducing the New Me!

So...notice anything different about me??? likey?  Because I love-y!  I haven't been around this week because I decided I would not publish one more post until my Comments window was working again.  I have learned that being able to receive your comments is so huge for me.  Not so much for the sweetness of them (although that is very nice), but because I blog to connect with people.  So writing posts without even an option to write back...uh, that wasn't workin' for me.

Long story short, after many hours trying to fix the problem (including calling in my very special reinforcements who speak HTML) I realized it would take a redesign to fix the I called the Fairy Blogmother!  Now, not only are my problems solved, but I also have a cute new look...yippee!  And the best part is that it was affordable, which if you know me and my commitment to Uncle Dave, you already knew it had to be.

Watch out now 'cause I am baaaaaaaack!!!

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