Monday, February 7, 2011

Little Old Stylish Me

Well, whaddya know!  I actually convinced someone out there that I am a Stylish Blogger!

My evil plan to fool you all and gain world domination is working!  Bwa ha ha ha hA HA!  And now, you know for sure that I am sooooo not stylish.  Anyone who tries to do an evil laugh in writing (or in person for that matter) definitely isn't.  Nevertheless, sweet Stephanie over at Binkies and Briefcases nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award, and I think I'll go ahead and accept, knowing full well that every one of you is more stylish than I am.

So, now I must engage in the ritual telling of seven random facts about me:

1) Olives, avocado and cheese are my favorite foods.  I was supposed to be born in the Mediterranean.

2) My guilty pleasure is watching "The Bachelor."  It's gotten harder lately because I just get all maternal-feeling toward these girls.  Like, why is this beautiful, sweet girl crying over this dude?  Maybe she never learned that she has great worth even without a man...and that somebody out there is just made for her.  I can identify because it took me a long time to learn the same lesson.  So much for mocking all those girls for crying on TV.  Darn maternal instincts.

3) I am terrible at spelling.  I misspelled "avocado" and "Mediterranean" in the last two minutes.  Twice.

4) I used to be an amateur boxer, and I still enjoy hitting a heavy bag.  My new love is for Zumba, though.

5) Eighties music is tops.  I like 80s pop, rock, alternative...whatever is eighties, I love it and probably know the lyrics.  In fact, I know so many lyrics that now I can't remember things like people's birthdays, or what I ate yesterday, or...what was I talking about?  Yeah, that too.

6) I am currently reading The Girl who Played with Fire against my better judgment.  I have to watch what I read and look at because it sticks in my head and bothers me.  Are you like that too?  If you are, don't read any of the books in this series.

7) My favorite scent: fresh-cut limes.

Geez, that was hard.  It's no so easy to find seven things to say about yourself.  Much easier to pass the award along to these seven stylish women:

Leslie at A Room Somewhere
She is both adorable and cool.

Shannon at Googiemomma
She totally cracks me up.

Mama Hall
Mama Hall for her honesty.

Cara and Ann Marie at Twice Lovely
Furniture renovation to die for.

Vignette Design
Delores at Vignette Design,
because every post is drool-worthy.

The Exchange
Cyndy at The Exchange
Check out her new laundry room!

Lisa at A Vintage Vine
and her fabulous new kitchen!

Please go check them out--they're awesome!  And, just a note to those of you I chose--I have mixed feelings about awards...they are fun but I can understand why some bloggers opt out of them.  If you don't want to pass it on, please don't!  That's totally cool with me.  I don't wanna cause any craziness, I just wanna have fun.  It's the Cyndi Lauper in me.



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