Friday, February 11, 2011

The Preschool Portfolio

Today I am taking a break from my incessant crafting and ignoring of my blog to bring you this idea for corralling your child's artwork.  The looming threat of my house drowning in colorful paper became a serious issue when BB simultaneously started preschool and developed a love for coloring here at home as well.  And woah...was there ever an explosion of paper.  Like, six deep all over the fridge type of explosion.

So, here's what we do now:

It's a Preschool Portfolio!  Every day (after we show off the artwork to Daddy), I punch holes in it and put it in a category:

"School" or "Home."  The reason I split them up is because at the end of the year we're going to throw most of it away and I think more "Bert and Ernie" coloring pages will be recycled and more cute school projects will be kept.  

I mean, how can I throw this out?  So cute.  And the best part is that there is also a spot for the notebook.  Lately I have been designating spaces for things that have heretofore been "floaters" in the house.  Do you know the type?  Magazines, notebooks or toys that have no true home?  Tell them where they belong--you will feel so much better!  So, the Preschool Portfolio has its space in the cabinet along with the Mommy Notebook:

No more drowning in paper, and no guilt for throwing artwork out or stuffing it in a drawer.  Aaaahhh--now that's better!