Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Funnies (Goin' Back to the Archives)

It's basically like Murphy's law for bloggers: the moment you start an official "series" your material dries up.  As in, my kids said nothing funny this week.  Or, they said so much funny stuff that I am inoculated and can't hear it anymore.  So, we're going back into the Mommy Archives for this week's Sunday Funnies.  What follows are all things said when Biggest was two or three years old:

One night Daddy had a headache, so Biggest wanted to pray for him.  He got the words almost right: "Dear God, I hope you make Daddy feel better. Christmas, Amen."

Daddy: "See the baby dogs?  What are baby dogs called?"
Biggest: "Doglets."

My trip to Belgium got postponed because of that volcano--remember that?  When Biggest was asked why Mommy wasn't going on her trip, he said, "because there's a volcano interrupting in Iceland."

Potty-training can be so confusing.  One day we were going through the process and got to flushing when he asked, "and when I flush it goes down into the solar system, right?"


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