Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Best Buys

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Hello my dears!

I hope you had a great weekend!  In spite of Biggest Boy getting sick this weekend and my dear friends having to cancel a visit because their little gal was sick too (no coincidence that we all just started preschool!), I managed to have an upbeat weekend...and thrifty weekend finds don't hurt!

Went antiquing with my friend Jessica, mostly to look for furniture for her, but I did find this little friend:

It is an antique Jim Beam bottle--Jess spied it in a pile of junk because of the color, which is perfection.  When you factor in the authentic "trademark" on the bottom, I just had to take it home. I really hesitated to spend $8, but turns out $8 isn't so bad--found the same one on ebay yesterday for $24.95!

Also picked up (actually asked Jessica to pick it up at a yard sale for me) this super-cute towel ring which I plan on using whenever I redecorate my powder room.  It was just $5 new, can you believe that?  You tell me which one is cuter:

Won't you please put me out of my misery?  Also, why am I in a powder room anyway?

Hello Gorgeous!

And check out this beautiful fabric:

I didn't bring this one home and now I have the opposite of Buyer's Remorse.  Passer-upper's remorse?

Last but not least, Jessica's steal of the day was this gorgeous chair for just $49!

It is in great condition with great lines, and I think she did a good thing by picking it up.  Now, can you picture it painted an antique white with a new fun fabric?  Or maybe a dark distressed wood with grain-sack upholstery?  I love it when possibilities get all endless like that.

The best buy of the weekend, though, was date night on Friday night.  One of our local bar/restaurants has a membership program that rewards you for trying different beers--when you try 200 different bottles you are rewarded with a $100 party.  My husband signed on four years ago and Friday night was his party--drinks and appetizers for free?!?!  That's my kind of deal!  Now do I thank my husband for drinking all that beer, or what?  I don't know, but I did have fun.

Here we are, RIGHT IN YOUR FACE!  Sorry about that, but its the only pic I got:)

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