Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kids-Eye View

About a year ago Biggest Boy got a digital camera as a gift from his grandparents.  He loves that it takes real pictures and I love that it keeps him occupied for hours on end.  What does the world look like when you're three years old?  Let's take some lessons from Biggest...

Lesson #1: Everyone is blurry.  Well, when you are constantly in motion, of course everyone is blurry!

Blurry Daddy

Blurry Mommy

Blurry LB

Lesson #2: The still-life is totally where it's at.

Tethered Puppy

On the Road Again

Candle with Salt, Pepper and Flonase

Lesson #3: When you're 40 inches tall, feet figure prominently in your daily life.

Your own feet...

...and Mom's feet...
...and even Mom's feet in her Birkenstocks.  My husband hates them.  And he bought them.  Love that man!

Lesson #4: Cats are easiest to photograph when trying to eat or sleep.  Also, they are crankiest at those times.

Lesson #5: Clouds are pretty!

Final lesson from a three-year-old's perspective: pictures taken while sitting on the potty are boring and, judging from the ones I deleted, not advisable.

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