Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What? I'm not cool?

Bob Marley

Today I found myself singing the following lyrics in the car:

"All around in my hometown
They tryin' to track me down
They say they want to bring me in guilty
For the sassing of a deputy...
I sassed the sheriff
But I did not sass the deputy..."

You get the idea.  Also I was just rocking out to the Killers while I ordered my groceries online.  Because there is nothing as cool as making sure you ordered organic whole milk.

Sigh.  Indeed, I am no longer cool.  I wonder now if I ever was.  I still think I'm cool when I have the time (never) and the energy (rarely) to attempt a "style" (i.e. something that was cool within the last 3 years and has no stains).  I used to think my aviator sunglasses made me look cool, but then I broke them while assembling a Pack 'n' Play.

It's okay though.  I am totally willing to be the uncoolest ever if it means having the privilege of raising these boys.  And by "raising," I do mean rewriting all the best lyrics.  Sorry, Marley.

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  1. Literally laughing out loud!! In my book you are cool. Although it dawned on me recently that I am in fact not cool.


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