Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall Nestival!

Well, Nesty Nesterson is at it again!  By the way, I am totally trademarking the word "nestival."  It cracks me up every time I read it.  I've been busy crafting, spraying, and arranging, and here's the result:

A bookshelf display that's in the same vein as my mantel and ledges, but a bit spookier to get us in the mood for the whole month of October Halloween.  I am quite proud of my scrappy little "Autumn" sign was my first foray into tearing up books in the name of home decor, and I'm down.  And I love my little crow.  She looks slightly evil, but hey, all crows do, right?  Check in tomorrow for a tutorial on that baby.

I have been coveting all the wonderful dollar-store hurricanes I've seen out there in bloggyland, and was especially inspired by the ones Melissa at 320 Sycamore and Decorchick did.  I used the exact same supplies as they did, all from the Dollar Tree, but I did use Gorilla Glue a la Anne at Get Your Martha On.

Did you know Gorilla Glue comes in a white formula?  You did?  Of course you did, because I am the last human on earth to discover this fun little fact.  Anyhoo, I like that its a stronger than hot glue and super glue (both of which I tried and didn't pass the "I am going to shake this highly breakable object and see what happens" test).

Since I made the hurricanes a couple of weeks ago I have been filling them with all manner of things in a search for the perfect vase filler--and I am finally happy with what I've got here.  An altar candle surrounded by teeny-tiny acorns in one, and spooky botanicals in the other.  Also with acorns, because I am obviously obsessed.

What are those freaky things, you ask?  They are dried-up daylily stalks, spray-painted with ORB (oil-rubbed bronze) by Krylon.  By the way, I also used the ORB on the smaller candlesticks, which are brass and for which I paid $1 at a yard sale last Summer.  Don't look too close, they still need a second coat!

Hope you like my little vignette!  That reminds me, the Hubs claims that you can't use the word "vignette" to refer to an arrangement of objects.  He says it only refers to a picture of a scene.  Is that true?  And if it is, will you forgive me if I keep saying it anyway?  Vignette vignette vignette...

P.S.  I'm lovin' the Linkys at:
This Blessed Nest
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Keen Inspirations


  1. i love that word "NESTIVAL" perfect.

    how about those dollar store hurricanes. aren't they the greatest. the possibilities are endless.

    loving your picture with the bird silhouette. it is fabulous!!!

    thanks for linking up to the FALL FESTIVAL!!!


  2. well, i'm loving your whole vignette, as well as the word nestival. i wish my dollar store had those hurricanes, but they must be out or something. i am going by there tonite to check again! and hey, i didn't know about the white glue. tho, i'm not much of a crafter, really, so that wouldn't be surprising. great job on your decorating!

  3. Thanks for the comments, ladies! Cape--if you do hurricanes let me know so I can check them out too!

  4. Ok, Michelle. You are way out of my element and I bow down to you. First of all, because you are inventive enough to think of all of this. Second of all, because you are crafty enough to do it and third, because you've found time to do something fun that you love in your busy life! You are my Martha hero. I love it all!

    And what time should I expect you at my house to decorate? :)

  5. First things first...I love the way you write ~ I'll be back to read more:)
    Then...WOW - love the idea and product of tearing up books in the name of crafting!
    I'm visiting from The Fall Festival...and I'm your newest follower!

  6. What a lovely vignette! Thank you for linking to 320 Sycamore! Love the Fall Nestival :)

  7. Those are beautiful!! You've displayed them so perfectly! Thank you so much for the link back, you're awesome!

  8. Hi,
    I found your link over at This Blessed Nest while looking for fall inspiration.
    I’m hosting a CSN Stores Giveaway as well as a “console table” linky party. I’d love for you to link up your "vignette" on your table and enter the giveaway!
    It’s open til Friday the 8th at midnight.
    Happy Fall!

  9. This is a really beautiful vignette (I think you can use "vignette" in this context!). I especially like your crow! I just got finished doing some bird silhouettes on canvas, so I am really into them right now.

    Love your blog! So glad I found it. I'm following and can't wait to see your future vignettes!


  10. Really cool, I came here from Decorchick. You guys have such a little trend here!


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