Monday, January 16, 2017

Get Inspired for Winter Decorating (with sources to help!)

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January is maybe my favorite month for decorating my home.  I just adore taking down the Christmas decorations and paring down to a simpler, cleaner look.  Plus I love decorating with cozy in mind, and by the growing popularity of hygge here in the States, so do most of us!
So I thought today I would share why I love winter decorating and how I accomplish it easily.  (Well, fairly easily once all those Christmas boxes are stashed away).

1. Clean + Simple
This is major.  After the influx of stuff that Christmas invariably causes, I really need at least some of the spaces in my home to be clutter-free.  For me, that usually starts with the kitchen because it is where I spend a lot of time.

Ooh!  Update alert!  Right before Christmas we installed the CB2 Firefly Pendant Light above the island...more on this soon!

For now, partly-built Lego sets litter the dining room table, but (deep breath) that's okay because in the kitchen I am trying to be intentional about picking up the piles and keeping the table and counters clear.  That said, I have also brought flowers back to my kitchen table, but only in white and green.


Simple, wintry, pretty.

2. Falling Slowly
As I mentioned, I love getting those Christmas boxes back in the attic.  However, over the years I have also introduced more Christmas decor that can also be used all winter long.  My mantel is the best example of this--the only change I made is removing Rudy's red nose!

I still have my starry string lights burning each evening and it feels perfectly appropriate on dark and cold January nights.

I also have left evergreen accents up on the coffee-table tray and in the powder room, where they accompany my seasonless cotton stems and can just be removed come spring.

3. Two Words: Candles and Fur (or, Faux Fur)
For me, candles are essential for preventing a serious case of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  We burn fires occasionally but candles every day.  Notice that little jar candle from Grove in the powder room?

I'm in love with it; the Fir, Cedar + Spice scent is heavenly and it's perfectly sized for a small room.

I also keep candles burning on the coffee table and accent table in the living room.  The coffee table tray is exactly as it has been since December 1st (see above: Falling Slowly).

Finally, layers of textiles including throw blankets.  I'm telling you, my faux fur throw blanket is my best friend in winter.  Perfect for draping over a couch or cozy sectional like these from Arhaus (I'm in love with the leather one!  What do y'all think of it for my living room?)

Note the velour blanket protecting my couch cushions, because:


I told Hubs the other day that the only sad thing about my fur blanket is that I can't take it everywhere. Every winter activity, from movie night to reading a book, is better with a faux fur throw.  I got mine years ago but you can find a similar one here or here.  In fact, I'm currently coveting this one from Arhaus like crazy:

And faux fur is great on pillows too!  Believe it or not, I got that little white one at the Target dollar spot in December, but there are tons of different styles available out there.  I'm again loving the luxurious ones at Arhaus (on sale right now, too!) or for the budget-minded you can go here.

That's it: three simple steps to cozy, wintry decorating.  What are your best tips for winter decorating? I'd love to hear them!
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