Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Falling (Back) in Love with Legos and a Lego Storage Round-Up!

No doubt about it, my most popular post of all time is my Lego Storage and Play Table, an Ikea hack I did more than three years ago:

I think this project has struck a chord with people because it encourages creativity in children but protects mom's sanity.  My table is easy to build, adjustable in height, and provides ample storage.  However, it has been three years so Legos have now taken over the train table, among other surfaces! And as a result I was starting to fall out of love--just a little bit!--with Legos.

However, I was reminded of the benefits of Legos the other day through the website Brick Dave, a blog dedicated completely to Lego.

It's so true: playing with Legos has created so many opportunities for creativity, persistence and patience for my boys.  What I find especially interesting is how their personalities shine through in the ways they play: Biggest Boy methodically follows all instructions, enjoying the process of building; Littlest prefers to get wacky and build his own amazing creations.  Either way, I love to see them playing with Legos.

So I've rounded up a few storage options for Legos (as well as renewed energy for tackling the mess once again)!  We love our Lego Head Storage (affiliate link), but I really need options for storing those partly-built and oddly-shaped creations.

How cute are these DIY buckets from Chubby Bunny?  I love these because they would fit partially assembled sets along with their accompanying loose pieces:

I'd love to be handy enough to build these under-bed storage trays from the happy housie:

Another great solution for sets that might be partly disassembled (you know, because someone's football or entire body landed on them)...huge fabric bins!  This tutorial by The Scrap Shoppe has me convinced I can make some:


Of course the sky's the limit when it comes to how to organize Legos!  You can see more ideas on my Lego Pinterest Board.

Or share with us here...what methods have worked for you?  Do tell!

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  1. Great ideas! You can NEVER have enough Lego storage. ;)

    1. I agree, Michele! Crazy how fast they multiply!

  2. Such great ideas!! Thanks for including my cart:)


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