Monday, July 25, 2016

Before And After Kitchen Reveal!

As promised!!!  Last week I said I would show you my latest greatest paint project soon and today is the day!  Don't feel like waiting?  Okay fine let's jump right in:

SO much better!  Lighter!  Brighter!  I've never liked the wood trim in my kitchen. It has bugged me since Day One in this house (going on three years).  So I painted it.  And the walls.  And I'm still not done but getting to this point is a major victory.  I've literally been working on and off on this project for nine months.  As my husband said the other day, " you think maybe...its better to pay a professional for some of these things...???"  Yeah babe you are correct. My lower back agrees with you.

As you can see, I still haven't painted the trim around the widows.  I can't decide whether to go all white, or white on the outside with black on the inner mullions.  What would you do?

I'd also like to either paint the doors or restore them to their original wood glory.

Similar question here--should I go all-white on the window trim?  I need help, people.

I love this change.  Remembers eons ago when I was asking you how in the world I should handle that awkwardly-placed light switch?  This chalkboard wall is my solution!

I painted the wall, of course (and by the way made that frame myself with only a little help), and then spray-painted a plain switch plate with chalkboard paint.  Now the light switch is just integrated right in and even looks cute.

Yes, this is an actual rule in my house, although it applies mostly to foam swords and finger-guns.

The "mudroom" is mostly the same; I even re-cut the vinyl 'grateful' sign because we like it.  As you can see, the trim around the stairs remains unpainted.  I just plain lost my steam, people.  Oh!  Isn't that lamp adorable?  It's from World Market (affiliate link).

How about another view of that?

Angus at four months.
Angus at nineteen months.

And just because I love showing you some details...

Some of the items still on my list for the kitchen:
  • Paint the stair spindles and risers.
  • Paint the trim around the windows, as well as the doors.
  • Install new light fixtures throughout.
  • Install some kind of ceiling treatment.
  • Install curtains in the breakfast nook.
Even with so much left to do I am enjoying this fresh look every single second I am in here, which is a whole hecka lot of seconds every day.  Don't you love what some paint can do!?!

 photo e0bcbc63-97e4-4f3b-adae-03bfc854ae09_zpsb8a65301.jpg
Wall Paint: Sedate Gray (SW 6169) by Sherwin Williams
Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore White Dove color-matched by Behr
Console: Everett Foyer Table at World Market (affiliate link)
Baskets in Console: Ikea
Table: World Market for similar (affiliate link)
Chairs: Walmart
Faucet: Kohler Cruette (affiliate link)


  1. I love the look of the wood doors with the white trim! Also love the wood frame in the large kitchen Windows. I would paint the trim above the kitchen sink white. You have beautiful natural woods throughout you house! Play them up and mix them with all the white. Paint colors look great! I have a painter I recommend if you decide to have someone else finish the painting for you. Worth it, in my opinion!

    1. Thank you so much Julianne! I love that feedback on the trim! So helpful for me to hear others' opinions!

  2. Love it! Painting the trim made all the difference! Actually makes your (already huge) place look even larger! Thanks so much for sharing another great post!

  3. Have to agree with Julianne (what a pretty name, about the trim). Was thinking about painting on the doors, paint white on most of door, leave insets natural wood or vice versa. Actually, thinking about it, paints insets on doors white, leave rest natural wood, just a thought. Love your beautiful home and your dog, so cute.

    1. Thank you!!! Love the feedback! And Angus sure knows how cute he is, lol!!!


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