Friday, October 28, 2011

The Sea Monster

Need a last-minute Halloween costume?  How about a no-sew Sea Monster?

In truth, he's actually a Kelp Monster, and if you call him a Sea Monster he gets all offended.  But try telling someone your son wants to be a Kelp Monster...go ahead, I'll wait...I guarantee you'll get some of the most confused looks.  So...Kelp Monster, Sea Monster, whatever.  I looked at some pre-fab costumes, but they were too expensive and too scary...mine has more of a "cheesy home-made" vibe, but I figure I can still get away with it at four years old.

Here are your supplies:

  • T-Rex costume from Party City ($14) or similar basic garment for underneath.
  • Green leis.  Is that how you spell that?  You know...those plastic green (or any colored) Hawaiian necklaces?  Okay, cool.  I used about 14 of them.
  • Brown spraypaint to "muck up" your leis.
  • Decorative Fishing Net (I got mine at the Lobby for a few dollars).
  • Starfish (Again, from the Lobby for about $5).

First, cut the leis so they became long strands of "kelp."  I learned to NOT cut right through them.  Instead, find where they are knotted, untie the knot (or cut through it), then tie together the two strings that come out of each end.  I also reinforced mine with tape. This way, your lei will not unravel.  This step will take you about the length of one Nate Berkus show.

What it will look like after you untie it.

After it's been knotted, trimmed and reinforced by tape.

Second, spraypaint your kelp randomly and without much effort to give it a "mucky" look.

Third, using hot glue, regular glue, or whatever you like (and understanding that a net is, by definition, porous, so protect your workspace), glue the kelp to your net.  We had several fittings during this process to test how my kelp was draping.  Project Runway, here I come.

At some point, attach your net to the headpiece or hood that your child will be wearing underneath.  I like the T-Rex costume for this, because all I had to do was pull the horns up through the net, and they are tight enough to secure the net in glueing required!

Finally, glue your starfish, shells, or other ocean-y stuff all over your kelp, and you are done!

Optional: dress your other children as scary sea creatures.

One more look at them together:

I know, scary!!!  Happy Halloween!!!


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