Monday, November 7, 2011

Peacock Love

Have I mentioned I am in love with peacocks?  It all started with this guy who I encountered at a wildlife sanctuary we visited last March:

Isn't he gorgeous?
Oh!  I think he likes me too!

Uh...maybe not.
Rear view notwithstanding, I still fell in love.  I even have a board on Pinterest devoted to my Peacock Obsession. There you'll find all things peacock-inspired:

Pinned Image
Source: Southern Living

Pinned Image
Source: Etsy
Pinned Image
Source: Z Gallerie
Pinned Image

I even spent several days telling my husband I wanted to adopt a peacock.  He cured me of that idea by sneaking around and calling out like a peacock, like this:

Note: the guy in the video isn't my husband.  But Hubs's peacock impersonation is just as annoying.

Okay, so I will keep peacocks limited to my decor choices.  As it turns out, That Mommy is more on trend than she knew...apparently peacocks were on display at the Fall High Point Market.  You can read all about it here.  So, is this trend totally fierce?  Or just fowl?  (Sorry).



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  2. Believe me you don't want a pet bro in law's parents live in a neighborhood in California where there is a colony of once-domestic, now wild peacocks roaming free...and the noise is AWFUL! I hope you are well reading your blog and updates. (OK...the above deleted post was me...why is my "google account" profile "Wino Scribe"? From my ancient wine club blog...ugh internet! :)


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