Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 7: Mixed Metals Jewelry Organization

Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to Pinspiration Thursday, where I am getting off my behind and acting out on some of these gorgeous pins.  This week I got all organizey about my jewelry.  As a jeweler, you would think I've been on top of this all along, but no, I had never given it the good ol' college try until now.  I tell all my clients to take off their jewelry at night and always put it in the same place.  Doing so will protect your jewelry and prevent it from getting lost.  It helps if you have a pretty place to keep it, right?

Here are my original Pins from my Organizing & Keeping Home board:

   10 DIY Jewelry Holders
Photo: You Put It On
#jewelry #organization
Photo: Whippy Cake

So pretty, right?  And my versions.  Some kind of bar to hold long necklaces? Check.

I used a towel bar we didn't need after our Powder Room Reno.
Tiny frame for my most important rings?  Check.  (Scroll down for a quick How-To).

Oh!  A bonus!  Framed cut-out metal for earrings?  Check.

Here's how the whole thing comes together, in my closet over my dresser:

Gold and silver and bronze (hello, Olympics) and sparkles and shiny pretty black, all smashed up together? I love it.  Is it possible to be too wordy with pictures?  Because I am about to be.  Sorry.

Peacocks lookin' after my watches and bangles.
Small earrings and studs chillin' in a crystal box.
I might be super sentimental about my hubs.
Geodes my boys gave me, because I like natural, unexpected things when I decorate.  Better if they sparkle.
Have you spied the other little theme in here?  It's birds.  I've got this guy draped with bracelets:

We've already mentioned the peacocks, which I am crazy about:

And there's this princely fellow decked out in more bracelets, looking downright perfect for the job:

Oh!  Some notes about how I made stuff.  The frame for my earrings came together super fast using these supplies from Hobby Lobby:

Those tin snips work awesome, but please wear gloves as the edges can get sharp:

Once it was cut to size, I just taped it in with duct tape (super professional, fancy method, I know).  The hooks hang right in the cut-outs:

But for the hoops I needed some sort of hook to help out.  So, let's look closely at my *gorgeous* solution:

PAPERCLIPS! Hey, like Tim says, Make It Work.
To make the frame for my wedding rings, I cut sparkly scrapbook paper to size and popped that into the frame without the glass.

Then I pushed in a clear, standard-size push-pin, right through the backing and everything. Of course I added an adhesive rhinestone to mine, just because.  You can see it a little better in this picture:

What about the deadly sharp tack sticking out of the back, you ask?  Another super-professional-fancy-pants method:

And that, darlings, is what I have been up to.  Thoughts, please!  If not on this project then maybe on your own Pinterest projects?  Life?  Parenting?  Ice dancing as an Olympic event?

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  1. What fabulous ideas for our jewelry. I love them all and I especially love the ring one. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me and be sure to link up each week. I look forward to all the posts. Hugs, Marty


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