Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Is It Spring Yet? Let's Go to the Beach Now.

Well, we had our blizzard.  The boys sledded and built a snowman and got rosy cheeks.  The Hubs got his snow fix for the next 10 years (that's how long we had to wait for this snowstorm, after all).  I enjoyed it too, and now that its melting I am soooo over it.  Who is ready for Spring?  Can I get an Amen?

To get us all in the mood for warm weather, how about we take a fun home tour today?

Apparently I have a thing for profiling other people's beach houses on my blog.  I'll change that as soon as I acquire a beach house of my own, so...that would be...never!  Ha!  In the meantime, please enjoy this amazing beach bungalow which belongs to friends of ours.

This is the main living area.  You enter into the kitchen, and if you keep walking you go through the dining area (and this cute bench) and then the living area.  On both ends of the house are decks to enjoy the beachy breezes:)


This place truly inspires in terms of what you can do with a small space (this entire house is 832 square feet!  Believe me, it feels MUCH bigger!)  Note the clean surfaces, clear chairs at the dining table, the use of white and the eye-catching pops of color--all expert methods of making a small space feel bigger.  

Check this out: they purchased their home after the previous owner passed away, and all his stuff was still inside.  I know, they are fearless.

They basically had to gut the place, except for the strange but welcome brand-new stainless appliances the previous owner had in his ramshackle kitchen.  They painted everything, and installed those gorgeous whitewashed floors.  Then the talented lady of the house got busy and put her adorable personal touch on everything.

I *love* that items found on the beach make it into the decor, even when those items are plastic soldiers.

To give you an idea of how much work they've done, check out this before and after of the exterior:

Run down, dingy...and the decks are falling apart.

Yay!  Clean and fresh and gorgeous in green!
If that doesn't put you in the mood for warmer weather, I don't know what will!  I know we've got a ways to go, but I can dream...thanks for dreaming with me today.


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