Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pinspiration Thursday No. 4

Hello sweet friends,

I've got gardening on my brain this week.  I guess it's a perverse reaction to the freezing temps and snow here in NC!  Whatever the reason, rosemary is one of the few green things in the garden right now, so I'm featuring it in this week's Pinspiration Thursday, where I get off my rear end and actually DO something I've seen on Pinterest.  Here is the original, which I pinned to my Christmas Board:

homemade christmas wreath
Photo: All About You
I actually didn't want a wreath per se, but this pin inspired me to make these candle wreaths instead:

I simply formed the rosemary into a round(ish) shape, secured with gardening wire, and slipped it over the candles. They smell lovely and add a wintergreen element to my little vignette.  And because I don't feel like shutting up yet, here are way more pictures than anyone needs to see:

My favorite part of this shot is the swatches of color painted *everywhere.*  

And, to give you context, here's the long shot.  This is what you see as you walk in my front door.  I am vacillating on the dark wood of the chest paired with the wood trim in this room.  I keep thinking it will look better when I paint the walls.

My favorite part of this shot is the visible cat hair all over the floor.
Assuming I ever find a suitable color for those walls.  They're driving me mad, I tell you, MAD!  And now I will, finally, sign off.  Thanks for joining me for another Pinspiration Thursday!  See you next week!


P.S. I'm lovin' the Linky's at:

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