Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Eternal Design Dilemma

Hey gang! How's it goin'?

In just about a month we will be closing on and moving into our new home!  I am over the moon.

So of course my brain is going wild planning where all our stuff will go in this big old house.  Let's start with what might be the eternal design dilemma:

Some things I love are the molding, the hardwoods, the big french doors and windows out to the deck.  But can you see my issues?  Paint, as in: I better buy stock in Sherwin-Williams.  Most of this natural wood trim will eventually be white.  I am toying with the idea of leaving the mantel and door frames natural wood, because I kind of dig mixing things up.  And the walls will change.  But all this is secondary to the issue of layout. Where in the world do I put the TV?  The only real options are in a corner or on the big wall (the space above the fireplace is too small).  Can I just show off my awesome floorplanning skills for a sec? Check it:

Option 1:
Poor fireplace!  All crammed in with a TV like you should have to share the spotlight!

Option 2:
Poor traffic flow!  Having to sidle through narrow spaces like that!
Do y'all like my sad little plant in the corner?  Also that weird thing is supposed to be a chaise, lol.

So, I feel like we have to choose the lesser of two evils here.  We don't currently have a couch, so I can be flexible with what I buy based on what layout works.  That's the good part of having sold our furniture.  The bad part is that we might be sitting on folding chairs forever a while!  Anyway, I am desperate to know: what would you do?



  1. Could you put the tv where your planter is in the diagram? I dont know that might be odd. Ok so whats wrong with the way the owners currently have it laid out?

    1. Allyson, good question about that corner with the plant! It isn't my preference bc all those doors lead to the foyer and the kitchen, so it's a heavy traffic area. The current layout is a problem for us because we like to lounge on the couch, not possible with the tv in the current corner bc a couch won't fit in front of the oors. A small couch might fit facing the fireplace though! THAT is an idea!

  2. I just don't see any way it can work. You should have just stayed in your old house!! ;)


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