Thursday, January 26, 2012

White Paint Saves the Day

I love it when furniture does double-duty.  These days, I'm a little obsessed with squeezing storage into my rooms.  So I recently switched out glass-topped end tables for tables with more storage.  Here's the newest addition:

She just sits in her little corner, looking cute:

And maybe a little old and wise:

I love her.  I love that all the video game controllers and remotes fit in her drawers.  I love that big old crack in her top and how how her wood is warped in places.  And I especially love that she is right at home here.  After all, she's come a long way from how I found her:

When something is so gross that a spider crawls out of it while you're cleaning it up, any improvement looks like a million bucks.  But especially when it's easy, breezy white paint to the rescue!


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