Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yard Sale Nirvana

On Tuesday I showed you my giant 50-cent yard-sale frame, and with Nester's yard sale Linky party going on today, I realized I haven't shown you the rest of my loot.  It was an amazing neighborhood yard sale, and even though I didn't find any furniture, I more than made up for it...

Vintage egg basket, giant Fifties-era game-board, oversized carved wooden tray (I actually paid less than $8, but I don't remember how much now), old chandy.  Not bad for $20!
I picked up some smaller things, too, but these were the biggies that day.  The egg basket holds bags of chips in my pantry, for now.  I am seeing the game-board as wall-decor in a playroom.  The tray is, well, up for anything.  And I have big plans for the chandy...will share soon!  Love a good yard sale!


P.S. Lovin' the Linky's at:
Nesting Place


  1. I love yard sales. Unfortunately I don't get to attend many because of simply not having cash often.
    I love the idea of a linky to post and show off the yard sale finds.
    A couple weekends ago I got some great deals--4 dolls for the granddaughters at just .25 each. $1 for a grocery bag of Duplo Blocks. A smiley face latch hook pillow kit including the tool for just .25.
    Each Friday I host a Frugal Friday linky on my blog. The linky is open all week. I hope you will consider checking it out and adding some of your posts to it.

  2. The game board was an awesome deal, they are much more on ebay!! You got some good finds!!

  3. Ooh, we used to have one of those game boards. The game we played on it was kind of like pool, but you had to shoot disks into those little nets on the sides. I can't remember what it was called.


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