Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bloggy Bucket List

Since my Mommy-brain can no longer keep track of all the projects I want to get to in my copious free time, I present to you (drumroll, please) my Bloggy Bucket List!  It's my list of "someday" projects, complete with inspirational photos from some of my favorite bloggers.

Spray-paint  a brass lamp.  Isn't this one awesome?
Photo: Billie Monster

Create a fabric-covered magnet board.
magnetic board corner final
Photo: Centsational Girl

Turn diaper boxes into beautiful bins, like this creative gal did:
Photo: Positively Splendid

Paint some large area of my house with chalkboard paint.
(I already know where, but I'm not tellin' yet.)
Photo: Cape Love Blog

Create a fabric banner for stringing from my mantel, with a cute saying on it.
Photo: Redberry Barn

Cover something, somewhere, somehow in a feed-sack or a grain-sack or some other kind of sack.  Much as Miss Mustard Seed does so very, very well.
Photo: Miss Mustard Seed

Make my own starburst mirror.  Loved this one at Red Door Abode:
Photo: Red Door Abode

Subway art.  Hopefully before it goes out of style, but at my current pace that is unlikely to happen.
Photo: The Shabby Nest

Make a wreath out of old books or sheet music.  I love this one from Cha Cha:
Photo: Sit Relax & Read

Of course, I have already hit some of the biggies in my blogging career...I made dollar-store hurricanes, hand-painted my own sign, burlapped almost everything, created silhouettes of my children, made a coffee-filter wreath, repainted two dressers (one here and one there), and tackled various organizing projects.  Phew!

Still...I know I am forgetting something!  What am I missing that every crafty blogger should strive to accomplish in her blogging career?  Because I need more on that Bucket List...



  1. love this. we did the chalkboard paint--fabulous! we did a huge wall in the kids' play area with it, and you can also buy the magnetic paint. It is a big process, painting both types of paint and waiting 24 hrs (!) in between, but it is sooooo cool now that it is up. I vote that this be Project One on your bloggy list. :)


  2. I loved your "before it goes out of style comment" The bandwagon is usually gone before I can hop on!!! Good luck with your list!


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