Monday, March 7, 2011

What is our Family's Purpose?

When I started my "Simpler is Better" series, I talked about how I encountered Tsh's system of simpler living and Dave Ramsey's plan for financial well-being at the same time.  One of my favorite challenges given by Tsh is the Family Purpose Statement, where you actually write down your family's purpose and then use it to direct your decision-making.  I recommend using the questions Tsh asks in her book, Organized Simplicity, but you certainly don't need to.  Ask yourself:

what do you value?
when do you feel your best? 
what activities does your family love?
how do you want your home to feel?

And I bet you'll get there.  In case you would like an example, go over to Tsh's site and see her post about the Purpose Statement.  I'm so excited about the series on organizing she's kicking off this week, and you can learn about that too!  And, in case you're's my family's Purpose Statement, hot off the presses!  Just know this is just ours--yours can and should be a reflection of your family and it can take whatever form works for you.

In fulfilling this purpose individually and together, we will: 

always show love and respect for one another.

be grateful for our many blessings, and be happy with what we have.

pray often and read His Word daily.

be good stewards of our resources, by being frugal, living simply, and making purposeful decisions.


care for our world and the people in it, striving to show God’s love for His creation.

keep our home organized, comfortable, and welcoming.

have fun together.

I loved sitting down and being intentional about what matters to us.  Hopefully you have one too...or maybe you'll write your own soon!



  1. Shell I LOVE this idea and I love the statement you crafted for your family! Thanks for sharing! :) Mallory

  2. That is a beautiful statement you came up with! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring...just like YOU!


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