Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Funnies

My son, who just turned four years old, came up with a new expression this week.  I thought I had heard it once already, muttered under his breath, but I was sure I heard it when he was playing with Daddy in the next room and he blurts, "What the holy?!?"

I go, "Did he just say, what the holy?"
Daddy goes, "Did you just say what the holy?"
Biggest goes, "..............ummmm, noooooooo."

Hmmm.  So, we're in the craft store Friday and we're looking at the selection of ribbons.  Out of the blue he (loudly) says, "What the holy?!?!  There are so many ribbons here!"

So, I'm askin' myself, how does my baby come up with a phrase like that?  Has someone said that to him?  Or has someone (perish the thought) said that other phrase and this is what he heard instead?  I mean, what the holy?


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  1. LOL! At least it's not horrible. My 5 year old's new phrase is "Oh damn." Which is totally my fault, since I curse too much. But she does use it in the correct context (like she she drops a toy on the floor or something). Sometimes you just forget what little ears are always listening.

  2. And then the worst part is that it's difficult to stop once they find out it gets ATTENTION...

    Voted as a 10, liked, the whole works!

  3. Jennifer, that is so funny, and also I am sorry!!!


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