Monday, March 14, 2011

Super Easy Silhouettes

Seems lately I am playing "catch up" with all the popular online crafts.  First came the coffee-filter wreath, now it's on to silhouettes!  Honestly, I have looked at a lot of tutorials on how to make silhouettes, and had been brainstorming ways to use my Silhouette to make a silhouette (funny me), when it just hit me the other day.  Use what you have, dodo.  They're called scissors.  And I was able to make these in about 10 minutes:

I promise you can do this too--it is so easy!  The only thing I will say is that you will want to use craft scissors--smaller scissors with a very sharp tip.  Mine came from Target, or you can get them from any craft store.

First, I took pictures of my boys staring into space.  Then I just printed them on computer paper in a 4x6 format.  I then taped that picture (top and bottom) onto a piece of plain white cardstock, and just started cutting around the edges, like so:

Freaky!  I *hate* this picture!

A little better?  Well, he does need a haircut.
When I was finished I had this:

You can see here that I fudged a little to create an eyelash for him which wasn't in the original picture due to the angle.  But this boy has ridiculously long and beautiful eyelashes, and I love how they look in silhouettes I have seen, so I just was mindful of that and added it in when I was cutting.

I used spray-adhesive to attach the silhouettes to scrapbook paper, and framed 'em up!  Speaking of frames, can I just brag on the steal I got on these for a sec?  Got them on clearance at (again) Target:

See the damage?  I used wood filler and spray paint on them when I first brought them home and it's barely noticeably now.  Too bad, I liked the green.  But you can't go wrong with white, either.

So, I'm lovin' my little boys in silhouette!

Happy crafting, peeps!


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  1. Those are super cute and you made it look so easy! I think I will give it a go. Thanks for you tutorial.


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