Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Funnies: Little Boo Edition

Big Boy tends to get all the stories told on him here in Sunday Funnies, so I am dedicating this week to the baby.

The baby, who's going through a little bit of a stage lately.  The stage where everything is "MINE!" followed by snatching, pushing, knocking you over to get it.  Book?  "MINE!"  Train?  "MINE!"  Discarded granola bar wrapper?  "MINE!"  So that was the deal all through our playdate on Tuesday, and that's not so nice when the poor victims are usually infants.  So I am sitting with an 8-month-old on my lap as her Mommy buckles her bigger child into the car.  It's just me, the baby, and my own two boys.  So LB comes over and starts patting the baby's back, and I was thinking, "Awwww...the first sweet thing he has done to her all morning!  So cuuuuute!"  Then he says, "Go.  Outside.  Baby."

Another funny one, and this is not my proudest moment as a mom but here goes anyway.  I may have mentioned I have been up to my eyeballs in paint lately.  Well, apparently that has meant streaming some cartoons for the boys, because there I was, waiting for Netflix to load on the TV, when LB says, "N-T-I-F-X-L....spewl....NET FIX!"

Yep, both of us are so proud.


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  1. love your honesty! aren't toddlers F U N ???


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