Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An Arctic Birthday Blast

Biggest Boy's birthday party was Saturday and I am so amazed he is already four years old. He is such a sweet, smart, amazing child and I wanted to give him a great party, on a dime.  I'd estimate I spent between $115-$130 for the entire party, including invitations, food, decorations and his gifts.  Did this party rise up to my motto of "Simpler is Better?"  Maybe not so much.  But it was frugal, so I gave myself a pass.

Our theme was an "Arctic Birthday Blast" and I've decided it was the smartest theme I could have chosen at this time of the year.  All the decorations that I actually bought, fake snow for example, is readily available only around Christmas and I got lots of things on super-duper clearance as late as last week.  I actually got a strand of white lights (with the white cord) for 80 cents at the Lobby.  Gotta love it!

We had snowflakes everywhere!

And a "Polar Bear Toss" game...

My winter mantel , which I showed you here yesterday, was one of my favorite things about the decor, because I can keep it around for a few more weeks at least.  

How did I make those snowflakes, you ask?  Good question!  And here's where I have to give a shout-out to my awesome Hubs who gave me this for Christmas:

Photo: Silhouette

I know!  I was shocked and impressed and really, really excited.  I also used it to make this banner:

And the name tags on these goody bags, and lots more.  I plan on covering everything with vinyl any minute, so more on that to come.

Inside the goody bags we had Arctic Animals flashcards, sparkly playdough in two colors (yep, the Silhouette did those labels too), a magnifying glass, and a foam snowflake.  I think our sweet little guests will have fun--and if you belong to the one little gal who couldn't make it, don't worry...we saved you a goody bag!

We had a snack buffet with polar bear and walrus cupcakes--this is definitely the fanciest I have gotten with decorating a cupcake, and I think they turned out cute.  

What's that?  Why, it's Polar Punch.

It was fun and festive and frugal.  Most importantly, my Biggest felt so special, and that's why we do it all, right fellow Mommies?

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  1. adorable! Normally I would set out to copy your polar bear cupcakes right away (perfect snack for our snow day!) but I started Weight Watchers last week & I'm scared to sabotage myself. Your party looks awesome & I'm super jealous about your Silhouette!

  2. This is so incredibly adorable! Love it!

  3. How sweet! I love the way it all came together! (Found you from Beth's tweet.)


  4. This is adorable, creative and perfect. Well done! (Am here from Beth's FB)

  5. Well, you have outdone yourself this time! It is all fabulous, and I am sick that we missed it. Had to wipe a tear that you saved her a goody bag. She will be thrilled! Love it!!

  6. Oh, my goodness! Such a fun party theme! I bet he loved it!! Thanks so much for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage!

  7. I bet he loved it, momma! I always love seeing parties at people's homes, seems like every party my kids are invited to are at Build-A-Bear, or the parents rented a limo, or some other outrageous thing that I can't compete on. Thanks for showing everyone that you don't have to do the biggest, most expensive things for your kids to feel special <3

  8. Love the theme! You did a great job. Would you mind sharing how you made the polar punch? Are those ice cubes floating in the punch?

  9. Hello Anonymous! I wish I had your email address to ensure you get an answer to your question...which is a good one, and thanks for asking. I made those ice balls from a Maker's Mark Bourbon Ball ice form that my husband had, but I recently saw a similar product at:

    It is only $11.75 and hopefully will work well for you:)

  10. Hello!!! Would you be willing to share tips on your cupcakes and polar punch? thanks!!

  11. Hello!!! Would you be willing to share tips on your cupcakes and polar punch? thanks!!

  12. Hello!!! Would you be willing to share tips on your cupcakes and polar punch? thanks!!

  13. Yes! The "Polar Punch" was actually just the biggest jug of blue Hawaiian punch I could find (I think it was "Polar Blast" flavor). I made round ice and floated them in there. If you try this one ( let me know how it works!

    The walrus cupcakes I made using that aerosol can of frosting you can buy at the grocery store, mini marshmallows, tiny chocolate chips (with the point down for eyeballs and nose), and almond slivers for the tusks.

    The polar bear cupcakes were that same frosting in white, mini chocolate chips for eyes, mini marshmallows for ears, large marshmallows cut in half and placed cut-side down for the snout, and the face drawn on in black writing icing.

    Have fun and please share pictures!

  14. Hi Michelle! Love the Artic party, I haven't found much out there for this theme :) Would you mind sharing if you purchased the flashcards (where) or did you make them? I was unaware of the Silhouette, that thing looks awesome.
    Thanks, Patty

    1. Hi Patty! Thanks so much for your comment! The flashcards were free at Kids Pages, here is the site:
      I just printed on cardstock and cut out.

      The Silhouette continues to be awesome, I highly recommend it!


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