Monday, October 25, 2010

More Fall Fun? Surely You Joust!

For whatever reason, we usually travel a lot in the month of October.  So, having just come back from my big trip, I purposely reserved the entire month for stay-home-except-for-fun-local-family-outings month!

This weekend we got to enjoy the beautiful weather...go on a hayride...go through a corn maze...pick out pumpkins...all the basics.

Our Fearless Leader

This was even the second visit to a pumpkin patch this year for certain Big Boys.
Have I ever mentioned that I love Fall?  I have?  A million times?  Hmm, must've slipped my mind.

LB was hysterical with an ear infection for half the weekend, but at least we discovered it in time to get him in to the doc on Friday afternoon.  I just want to know why it's always Friday afternoon???  Why doesn't he ever come down with a fever on a Monday morning?  In spite of the infection, we set out Saturday for the Renaissance Festival to celebrate my Mom's birthday with her.  We couldn't stay long but still got to take in a joust or two.  I admit it, I love the Renaissance Festival!

Happy Birthday Mom!

P.S.  This is what happens when you decorate your cupcakes after drinking a glass of wine.
Or two.  Oops!

Hope you had a great Fall weekend too!


  1. What perfect cupcake! Gloppy yumminess! Love pumpkin patches, looked like fun.

  2. Fun! I love the picture of your son walking through the field! :)


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