Friday, September 3, 2010

Good(will) Hunting for Fall

In keeping with my ongoing obsession with Fall decor, today I'm sharing more thrift-abulous Fall decorating ideas.  But first, check out these great deals I found at Goodwill a couple days ago:

Lamp: $8.  Wreath: $1.99.  Plate: 49 cents.
Cork wreath: "I am not from Goodwill!  How dare you imply such a thing?"
Nope, just the things on the table there.  I made the cork wreath.  Pompous little thing.

I gotta admit, $8 for the lamp was a little more than I am usually prepared to spend at the G-Dub.  But it was a cute bronze buffet lamp (only the exact thing I need in the hallway) and it is so rare to find a lamp that doesn't need sandpaper/paint/pressure washing at Goodwill.  By the way, that is a Christmas wreath originally $8 at Walmart--I know because it still had its tag!  And I am not at all shy about using it right now--it can kinda pass for Fall, right?

This was my second trip to Goodwill this week.  On my first trip I found this little guy:

I'm almost positive it is silver-plate, and the sad little thing has handles glued on, messily.  But I liked it anyway and nabbed it for $1.99.

This is my second silver-plate purchase from Goodwill--here's the first:

It was $3.99--compare that against PB's version (which sells for $24) and I am almost ready to show you my happy dance!

Silver-Plated Julep Cup, Large
Photo: Pottery Barn

So I smashed that together with these 50% off stems from my favorite place in the world (Hobby Lobby in case you're new here) for a little Fall flower arrangement:

$3.99 julep cup + $3.99 flowers = well over $8 of cuteness.

And here's how it all looks on my ledges:

BTW, all four of those candleholders are the same--they hold tapers in one side and tealights in the other.
And they are only 49 cents at Ikea, my other favorite place in the world.
Yep, still not polished.
But still pretty!

Oh, Fall, how you make my heart flutter.  I love how things are shaping up.  Now if only this disaster could clean itself up while I sleep tonight, I'll be golden!

It's not gonna clean itself up!
And I seriously doubt the cat is gonna do it.

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  1. Found you at the Shabby Nest...I love GW too and you found some amazing things, the arrangement on the wall looks great:)


  2. Look at your new fun blog!!! i love it and I LOVE your shelves...too stinkin cute :)!

  3. Great finds! The silver vase looks SO similar to the PB one. I wish we had a Hobby Lobby here!

  4. Found you through the Shabby Nest... the silver-plated pretties are fantastic finds!


  5. I loooove the G-Dub! I have an entire blog dedicated to my Goodwill Obsession!

    Check it out!


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