Monday, August 3, 2020

Ten Years is a Good Run

On July 26th, this blog turned ten years old.  No fanfare, no party, but it still felt like a big moment.  Despite the fact that I haven't posted here for over three years, this milestone prompted me to think again about the blog and what its meant over the years.  It began with the simple idea that connecting to other ladies through our shared experiences of parenting, crafting, and decorating would help restore my sense of identity in the stay-at-home mommy world I was in.  As I said at the time, the blog was a way to "reclaim my brain."  And--hallelujah--that brain is (mostly) back!

This blog was a blessing.  It connected me to you; it inspired me to seek beauty; it gave me an outlet; it improved my writing.  But (obviously) I haven't been active here for quite some time, and that's because God has called me forward into new adventures.  I haven't needed online connection because I have had so much in-person connection.  I haven't needed to write here, because my real-life ministry work has been the outlet for study and writing that I so desperately needed.  God is good.  He has used this blog as a beautiful thread as He weaves my story together. For that I'm grateful.  

That said, its time to officially sign off as That Mommy, if only to get some closure for myself.  Not ready to say goodbye?  You can see my most visited posts over there in the sidebar, most of which have to do with kids' parties or Lego.  I have also kept the "search" function and a list of categories for those who wish to browse.  Thanks for reading, my loves!  It's been a good run.


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