Friday, June 10, 2016

Stitch Fix Review #2

This post contains affiliate links but all opinions are always 100% mine!

Hey people!!!  I got my second Stitch Fix yesterday, woo hoo!

It is such an easy and exciting way to shop for clothing, shoes and accessories.  If you'd like to sign up, you can click right here.  Here's the run-down on my June shipment:

Dillan Strappy Sandal:

Belissa Ribbed Detail Knit Top:

Tammi Printed Dress:

Galinda Printed Maxi Skirt:

Anjuli Dark Wash Denim Jacket:

Some cute items, to be sure...sadly the maxi skirt was just too big for my short self.  I *love* the denim jacket but its a hard sell because I already have a similar one (although it's not as comfy!  not as distressed!  not as cute!)

Kinda liked pairing the Belissa top with skinny jeans and the Dillan strappy sandals:

 And really loved the Tammi dress paired with that cute Anjuli denim jacket:

So what will I end up keeping?  Aaaahhhh!!!  I actually don't know yet.  Hard decisions are hard. Any advice?
 photo e0bcbc63-97e4-4f3b-adae-03bfc854ae09_zpsb8a65301.jpg


  1. Keep dress, top. and definitely sandals, love them. But can you buy those items for less and no s/h locally? Sorry am too darned practical so not good idea to ask me if you really love items. Happy weekend

  2. Thanks for the great input! The good thing is there is no s/h but you do pay a $20 styling fee which comes off the price of whatever you order. I guess that's how they cover all the shipping! Great question though, I get it because I'm very frugal and always asking myself similar questions:)


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