Monday, September 28, 2015

Diamond Buying Direct from the Source

Today I thought it might be fun to re-post this one from last year on what it's really like to buy diamonds direct from wholesalers in Belgium.  It's my way of announcing that it's that time of year again!  Now or never, ladies.  The trip is in October so let me know as soon as possible if I can quote you on those new diamonds!

Have you ever wondered what it is really like to buy "diamonds direct?"  I don't know how it is for the big guys, but for me it looks a lot like this:  First I travel to this gorgeous town called Antwerp, in Belgium.  Antwerp is richly steeped in history and is also a very cool contemporary city.

After a day or so to recover from jetlag, I head to the Diamond District.  Usually the weather is cloudy or rainy when I arrive each fall.

Glamorous, right?  I know you were thinking it would be all swanky

While working I will visit around half a dozen diamond wholesalers.  Each of them has tight security and I often must relenquish my passport at the front desk, then be buzzed into the offices of each wholesaler directly.
Some of the offices work with both rough and polished diamonds.  

Antwerp is the diamond-cutting capital of the world, so a lot of rough passes through here!  It's gorgeous, too:

Rough often looks yellow or even brown, but the color can be quite high once the stone is cut.

A parcel of 9,715.70 carats of rough diamonds.  This plastic bag was larger than a gallon-sized bag.
I've also had the privilege of seeing lots of unusual things, including colored diamonds of all kinds, necklaces made out of polished rough diamonds, and a diamond cutter at work.

I spend most of my time the first day looking closely at any diamonds that might meet my clients' needs. After comparing availability and prices of the diamonds I like at each wholesaler, and matching stones if necessary, I will return to each potential wholesaler several times to look again at any new stones that have come in, and to revisit the diamonds I've previously chosen.  After six or seven hours looking through my loupe, my eyes stop working, and it's time to take a break!

Diamonds are frequently brought in to the viewing office in jumbled baskets or boxes--but make no mistake; the inventory is tightly controlled! 
The next day I will revisit the best diamonds I have seen, and continue discussing options and pricing.  This is a lengthy process and usually takes a couple of days--it is all part of the dance! Sometimes at this stage I will also call or email you to let you know how it is going.

My mother-in-law sorting diamonds.
Finally, a deal is struck!  The diamonds I have purchased are shipped back to the U.S. via Brinks, and my goldsmith will mount the diamonds in the setting we have previously chosen.  

The result: beautiful diamond jewelry for a fraction of retail prices!

Asscher Cut Earrings

Cushion Cut Three-Stone Ring

Oval Cut Three-Stone Ring

Princess Cut Earrings
Now you know the process of buying diamonds direct from the source!  I hope it was fun for you to see what I do!

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