Monday, August 31, 2015

Taking Me Time

The boys are back in school which means we are settling in to a nice routine.  It also means Mommy is getting some "me time."  I did not exactly jealously guard time for myself this summer and it took a toll on this here introvert.  

However, with the children taking their noise back to school with them and the puppy getting over himself, I have spent the last two weeks selfishly indulging in long walks, books in the hammock (hooray for #forthelove!), and lunch with my new best friends Lord and Lady Grantham.  

We all do this differently.  If you are a working mom, maybe your "me time" comes on the weekends. Maybe your summer was full of time for yourself, and you're entering a season of serving others.  But if you haven't taken some "me time" lately, may I gently remind you to schedule some right this second, my friend.  Pencil it in between the toilet scrubbing and Target run.  It's golden and will serve you well.

As for me, I am refreshed and rested and excited about some creative projects I have going and will share with you soon.  See you then!

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